8' Portable Tub and 18' Adjustable Alley is fast and easy, one man can set up tub in 15min. Simply use jack to remove hitch and tires, then lower to the ground!!!

Access Doors:                                       Alley Chute Features:
Upper Doors (both sides)                   Automatic Head Gate
Neck Doors (both sides)                     Preg Gate
Lower (non-catwalk side)                   Overhead Backstop
                                                        Alley Catwalk
Tub and Alley Specifications
Overall Length: 38'
Overall Width:  9'
Tub 7 Alley Frame: 2-3/8 11ga tube
Total Weight: 3,400lbs
Maximum Alley Width: 30in
Minimum Alley Width 18"
2" Bulldog Hitch
Tire Size: 15in 5 bolt wheel
Scott Working Tub:              
One Person can setup in 2hrs
Offered in 10' or 12' Radius                                                         V-Frame Gate allows Cattle to flow one of two ways                                 
Frame is Constructed our of Heavy Duty 2-3/8 11ga
Tub Curves Constructed from 1.3 13ga sheeted w/ 16ga